Opening a restaurant is a project that makes many dream of it. 

However, it requires a lot of motivation, creativity and autonomy. You can’t improvise, and the preparation is consequent. Above all, you need to have the required qualities, but anyone can open their own restaurant, as long as they respect a certain number of steps:

Create an original idea: 

It’s a very competitive industry, and it’s not really a big incentive for people to go out to eat in restaurants. So you have to have a project, an idea, a concept that will make people want to eat out. Whether it’s the way you serve, the cuisine you offer, or the decor of your restaurant, it doesn’t matter, as long as you manage to arouse attention and curiosity. Of course, the idea must then be accompanied by quality service so that your customers become regulars.

Choose your location: 

As we’ve said before, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. However, just because there is a lot of competition doesn’t mean you can’t open your own. You have to ask yourself what kind of clientele you are looking for. For example, setting up near a seaside resort, an amusement park, a monument or historic site… will essentially bring you tourists, which can be a good way to ensure a clientele during certain periods of the year. On the other hand, choosing to set up in a small village will bring you more conviviality, and a more regular and faithful clientele all year round, if you ensure quality cuisine and service. You can get a lot of valuable information by downloading the free guide to all the French communes.

Carry out a market study:

This is not the most pleasant and fun step, but it is essential to launch your project. Being a very competitive sector, it is absolutely necessary to take an interest in what others are doing, otherwise your “original concept” will become a pale copy of something already existing. Of course, this study is localized according to where you will have decided to set up your business. 

Find a permise and make the necessary arrangements:

Once you have your idea, your location and you have studied the market, you can choose your premises. However, there will necessarily be some adjustments to be made depending on the type of restaurant you want to open. You will also have to make sure you choose a well-serviced, easily accessible location, preferably in a busy area. If you wish to take over an existing restaurant, there are many announcements for the sale of establishments.

Carry out the administrative formalities:

The last step is a matter of paperwork. Opening a restaurant suggests certain formalities to be taken into account. For example, obtaining a license to sell alcoholic beverages, obtaining an operating permit, or getting informed and familiarizing yourself with the rules of hygiene and cleanliness. There will also be some formalities to be carried out in terms of the functionality of your establishment, such as defining the opening and closing hours or requesting permission from the town hall to open a terrace (if this is your case).

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